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We provide you with a variety of sweets that are well-liked in our state and elsewhere with a similar taste at a price that exceeds your expectations.


We have more than about 20+ years of experience in

With more than 20 years of experience, JDS Foods was founded to give you high-quality food at the best possible price and make you happy with our product. We have made great advancements in recent years, but our traditional methods for manufacturing sweets and other dishes remain the same. We acknowledge the changes that society has made, but we still have conversations about health and hygiene.

Delicious and tongue-tingling sweets

We are pleased to welcome you to the world of sweets and nibbles. We can guarantee that after visiting us, you'll return.

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Our Variety of Snacks & Sweets

We provide you with affordable fresh and delectable dishes such as desserts, snacks, chat items, juices, milkshakes, and Chinese cuisine. Every day, we serve a different meal as a snack and also take orders for special occasions. The finest candies and snacks to make your day with us enjoyable. Additionally, we make cakes also.


All baked goods, including bread and pastries,


scrumptious treats


a variety of doughnuts


Items you love to eat

Mini Combos

along with treats and refreshments


There are fresh juices on hand.


Shakes of all varieties

Chinese Foods

prepared by cooks with training

( A Division of JDS Food Products Pvt Ltd )

Why Choose Purple

We have been advising students on pursuing educational possibilities abroad. To enjoy the finest flavour, price, and quality, visit Purple.
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Our Products

Testimonials Of Clients

We are pleased to share some of the opinions of our devoted consumers regarding our food products. We appreciate them taking the time to help us out.
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We ordered cake for my son's birthday, and it was properly packaged and delivered on schedule. We are grateful for their service.
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One of the nicest restaurants I've ever had for canine fare is in Perungudi. Best service and quality from the shop's employees.
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They kept the shop in good order by not making the customers wait. They make every attempt to satisfy everyone. One of the key traits for success is this.